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Executive Committee

Andrew Chignell, 
Princeton University

Huaping Lu-Adler
Georgetown University

Anne Margaret Baxley, 
Washington University in St. Louis

Tech Consultant
Eli Benjamin Israel
Temple University

Board of Trustees

Paul Guyer

Brown University

Pauline Kleingeld,

University of  Groningen 


Jane Kneller,

Colorado State University

Patricia Kitcher, 

Columbia University

Robert Louden, 

University of Southern Maine

Frederick Rauscher, 

Michigan State University

Eric Watkins,

University of California, San Diego (President)

Allen Wood, 

Indiana University - Bloomington

Günter Zöller, 

University of Munich

Rachel Zuckert,

Northwestern University


Henry Allison, University of California, San Diego

Karl Ameriks, University of Notre Dame

Richard Aquila, University of Tennessee

*A.C. Genova (University of Kansas)

Rhoda Kotzin, Michigan State University

Manfred Kuehn, Boston University

Ralph Meerbote, Rochester University

*Nelson Potter (University of Nebraska, Lincoln)

Hoke Robinson, Memphis University

* = deceased

About us

The North American Kant Society (NAKS) was founded in 1985 at the Sixth International Kant Congress to further the study of Kantian thought and scholarship within a variety of traditions and disciplines.

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